There’s no shortage of UK van insurance companies

You can get van insurance from literally 100’s of companies around the UK ranging from small brokerages through to mainstream insurers and by using comparison websites it completely removes all the hassle and time associated in looking for the right type of insurance, at the right price..

We’ll do the leg work and find just the right company for your insurance. Most companies also offer private car insurance as the Road Traffic Act cover is exactly the same on both types of vehicle. What you will also find is that whilst there is a vast array of companies out there that offer insurance for vans, the actual Underwriters that they use are quite often one and the same. For example, Ageas may have a number of specialist schemes with the AA, RAC or Halifax. You will also quite often see the underwriters shown as UK Insurers, this is a group of insurance companies who have all got together and between them accept differing percentages of each risk.

Finding the right company

Whatever type of van cover you are looking for you have come to the right place to find the right company for you. Insurance companies in the UK offer varying levels of cover to suit your requirements whether you are an established firm with several employees or a one – man band, so whatever your situation we can help you to find the insurance company that can accommodate your requirements perfectly.

When you get a quote from a company for your van we’ll not only tell you the company that is providing the quote, we’ll also let you know the important stuff such as the type of cover, what the excess level is going to be, whether it includes extras such as breakdown cover and personal accident cover as well as whether or not it includes cover should you need to repair or replace your windscreen. These companies are able to break this information down so that you can easily understand what you see. We’ll also let you know which companies offer the use of a courtesy vehicle if your own vehicle is going to be off the road for any length of time.

Understanding your insurance company’s policy

It is always worth bearing in mind though that whilst insurance policies can look the same, and in fact the basic underlying policy wordings have very similar intent, the end products can be very different between the companies that offer them. It is important to check the summary of cover before you purchase and make sure that you get the right van insurance company behind you.