Insurance for Fleet Vehicle Companies

Fleet van insurance is aimed at businesses who have multiple vans. It offers wider cover such as allowing any driver to use any vehicle, which for some businesses, is a necessity. In some cases it will also allow driving by younger staff members. A few insurers can offer fleet insurance with as little as 2 vans, although the vast majority of fleet insurers prefer to quote for 3 vans or more. As always it pays to shop around and that’s where we come in, we’ll help you to find just the right cover for your fleet whether you have two or multiple vans that you need to insure for your business at the same time.

The real beauty of this type of blanket cover is that it doesn’t have to be just vans that you cover, the key here is the word fleet which can just as easily consist of a couple of cars and 1 van or any other combination come to think of it. The main purpose of this type of insurance is to ensure cover for two or more vehicles used by your business by a number of drivers.

As the protection given by the insurance may end up being key to the survival of a business, it’s worth spending time looking closely at a range of insurance offerings to ensure the most appropriate product is purchased, which may or may not be the cheapest.

Also consider that with some Insurers it is the Policyholder who must maintain the Motor Insurance Database, keeping it up to date with all the vehicle details of the company. If this is not done accurately and within a timely manner, the business could face a fine of up to £5000.

Getting Fleet Insurance for your van the right way

Fleet van insurance or multiple van insurance, whatever you want to call it, is often cheaper than insuring each van separately but this is not always the case. That’s why it makes sense to use an online comparison site, such as this one, so you can quickly and easily compare quotes for both multiple vehicles as well as insuring each individually to ensure that you get the policy for your individual needs. Find out how much you could save in less than 5 minutes by completing the Fleet insurance form below.

Always, always check that you’ve got the right cover for you and you van. Fleet van insurance cover can mean different things to different insurers, look after yourself.