What is Any Driver Van Insurance?

Simply put it means that you can allow any driver on your business van insurance policy to drive the van.


Of course, you can’t take the term too literally and let just any Tom, Dick and Harry who walks in off the street drive any one of your vans and expect your insurance company to cover them. Instead your insurance company is likely to require some clear, satisfactory criteria of who you’d want to drive the vans, such as each drivers name, age and experience as well as placing relevant restrictions on drivers with convictions if needed.

This, of course, will be of benefit as it creates flexibility and makes your workforce more productive. Being able to swap any of your drivers throughout your multi van fleet will mean preventing any delays whilst a driver waits for their allocated van to become available. More information about multi van insurance here.

A Business with One Van but Numerous Drivers

If you’ve only got one van in your business but you’ve a number of different drivers that you may want to use then don’t worry, any driver insurance is not exclusively made for businesses that operate multiple van fleets; you will still benefit from this type of van insurance despite having only one van. Ensuring that all of your drivers are covered to drive the one same van means that you’ll still be doing business when one or other of your drivers is sick, on holiday or just in need of someone else taking the wheel for a while. It will even cover you if you need to take on temporary staff to cover regular driver’s absences. It’s also helpful not to have the additional administrative burden that is often associated with swapping drivers regularly, not to mention the additional fees for amending any insurance policy whenever that is required.

However this sort of flexible policy does come at a price and may not be appropriate for your particular set up, especially if you are a small establishment.

As with any type of insurance cover it pays to shop around and that’s where Compare Van Insurance comes in. Whether you are looking for multiple drivers for one van or you have a fleet of vans and you want all your drivers insured to drive them, you can choose the multi driver option when comparing.

FAQs relating to Any Driver Policies

  • Is any driver van insurance right for me? – It depends on your own circumstances but if you only have 2 to 4 drivers who will be driving them, then a standard named driver policy is likely to be more appropriate and much cheaper.
  • Is it cheaper to insure my vans for every driver? – Not normally, this type of flexibility does come at a cost because there is less information available for the insurers to assess the risk. However if your business depends on flexibility then it may well be more cost effective in the long run, especially if you find that you are caught up with the administration costs of changing your named drivers on a traditional insurance policy, on a regular basis
  • Can I register every driver to a personal van? – It can be a good idea to have all your drivers register for insurance on your personal van or campervan simply to take the burden of all the driving from you. It also means that if you can’t drive for any reason then you can hand the wheels over to any other driver even if they are not on your insurance policy as long as they fit within any special conditions set out by your insurer. As said above though, this type of policy is not cheap so unless you need the high level of flexibility it might not be your best option.
  • Will including an under 25 driver make it cost more? – Yes it is likely to be more expensive; however it might still be the better option. Simply put, including a driver under 25 to any insurance is going to cost you more. But in the case of multi drivers for a fleet of vans then as long as you have a high percentage of more experienced drivers it is likely to be assumed that the risk would be less.

Likewise, if you need to include a driver under 21 then the cost is likely to be higher but some insurers will also offer a lower premium for only having drivers over the age of 30.
This is where Compare Van Insurance really helps, allowing you to get several quotes covering a range of scenarios so that you find the best insurance policy for your business, whether that is a standard named driver or an any driver van insurance policy.