Insurance for Temporary Periods

Temporary van insurance is the right choice for you if you need to drive a larger than normal vehicle on a regular or irregular short term basis. Temporary insurance is often a very cost effective way to insure a van on a short term basis without needing to take out a full term 12 month policy and there are plenty of UK based insurance companies that will happily offer you exactly the right type of insurance you need, to fit your individual circumstances.

What’s Classed as Temporary Insurance

Temporary insurance is normally offered for a range of very popular time periods which can be as short or as long as the following;

  • 1 Day Insurance
  • 2 Day Insurance
  • 7 Day Insurance

1 Month Insurance (commonly offered for 28 consecutive days)
Longer term insurance is not as popular but is available from a limited number of van insurers for example;

  • 3 Months Insurance
  • 6 Months Insurance

As you can see from the above information, temporary insurance can be for a short period of time or much longer periods if required but all UK van insurers will provide you with exactly what you need, for the period of time you need to use the van.

Why insure a van on a temporary basis?

If your everyday vehicle is something small, such as a car, then short term or temporary van insurance, whether it is for one day, a week or longer is perfect if you need to drive something a little bigger and you find that your normal car policy does not fully provide sufficient cover you to drive other vehicles. A temporary, 1 day or more insurance is perfect for you if you want to borrow your mates van to move home, pick up a new purchase that just won’t fit in your car or to drop off that antique heirloom wardrobe you just sold and you don’t want to have the additional cost of hiring.

It’s also the perfect choice if you need to add an additional driver to your van for a short time maybe because you have a long journey and you want to share the driving or perhaps you are not physically able to drive on a temporary basis but you can’t afford not to work so you employ someone who can take over the driving for you.

Whatever your reasons for needing short term insurance cover for your van, you’ve come to the right place as you can find temporary van insurance using the Quotezone quote form quickly and easily and you’ll be on the road in no time.