Peel and Steal

A new style of van crime was noticed at the beginning of 2017 which has been nicknamed “peel and steal” sometimes referred to as ‘peeling’. Here’s what it’s about and how to beat thieves at their own game. We’ll show you some very simple solutions on how to prevent you and your van being victims of this emerging crime.


Criminals throughout the UK have found a new technique for getting into a van through its sliding door and it appears to be as easy as opening a tin of beans. The thief places a bit of knee pressure against the middle of the sliding door and this slightly widens the small opening at the top of the door between the door itself and the bodywork of the van, the thief then puts his fingers into the small gap and the top of the door and simply pulls the top of the door downwards; sounds crazy but that’s exactly how they get into your van. The van’s sliding door switches remain closed at all times so if an alarm is fitted to the van the break-in will not trigger the vans alarm.

Peel and steal crime is on the increase and recognised hot spots in the UK are West Yorkshire, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

Here’s a 16 second video showing a van broken into using this method.

Incredible isn’t it how easily those thieves got access to the goods compartment of the van in just 16 seconds!

Van theft is on the Increase

Did you know that in the UK a van is broken into and tools stolen from it every 23 minutes, every day. Some of those thieves use the peel and steal method; others use ‘skeleton keys’ which can be bought online for only £20. Either way, van crime has risen by two-thirds over the last two years.

Cheap Peel and Steal Solutions are Available

Here’s a working solution from

Here’s a completely free option to doing a very similar thing

The ‘truckers hitch’ sometimes called the lorry drivers knot stems from the days of flat back lorries when loose cargo was being carried across Britain’s roads and motorways. The cargo had to be held securely on the back of those Lorries, so the knot needs to be quick and easy to tie and quick and easy to undo. It must also be incredible secure.

Here’s a quick video describing and showing you how to do this knot. To do this knot in the back of your van you just need to have those two little hooks that were shown in that video above, oh and a piece of rope of course.

Van and Tool Theft Awareness Group on Facebook

This is a Facebook group that was setup by tradesmen who all had their tools stolen from their vehicles. Probably the most informative group on Facebook dealing with van theft including peel and steal theft. It’s a private group so you’ll have to join it if you want to benefit from what the group offers to its members which includes…

Listing of latest crime hotspots, Enables reporting of stolen tools, and masses of advice from other tradesmen on how they deter thieves etc. If you’re a tradesman working in the UK, JOIN the group, you will not regret it.

Don’t let your van be a victim of the peel and steal technique.