About Us

We are a small group of specialists who believe in helping you as a van driver, to obtain the most cost effective quotes for your insurance requirements.

Whatever the size of your company, a sole trader delivering orders to your daily customers within your local area or a larger, more commercial business using a fleet of vans which essentially are doing the same thing but on a more national basis, we aim to offer you the lowest insurance premiums possible within the UK.

We cannot guarantee to beat every insurance quote provided to you by other 3rd party websites but we do guarantee to offer you the most competitive quotes available given your precise insurance requirements at the time you complete one of our ‘online quote forms’.

Please be factual when completing the quote form and make sure you provide accurate information regarding your insurance cover requirements and we will display the cheapest quotes possible instantly on your screen, following form completion.

Note: There is absolutely no responsibility on your part to accept any individual quote presented to you, just ensure that your precise insurance needs are met by the quote you are keen to purchase.

Safe driving.